Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Crafting On

It's Tuesday morning! Time to Keep Calm and Craft On.
I posted on Sunday about the kids' Easter baskets that I wove late night on Saturday.
 The Younger's (above) turned out a little like a train wreck.
I do like the free-form feel of The Elder's (above)
Yesterday I re-wove the Younger's and it's more respectable. Fewer random windings.
My jobs are all very creative and crafty (I spent last week teaching sewing to a wonderful group of girls at Treadle Yard Goods) and I am often left with little or no time to do much for the family.
I have made The Elder an Easter dress almost every year but I had to let go of that this year. I didn't finish her sweater, in fact I started it twice and had to rip both times. I did make a dress for The Youngest, but not quite in time for Easter. She wore it yesterday.
In the face of this lack of success, it was gratifying to have something handmade to give the kids on Easter.
What's coming from the work of your hands lately?
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  1. what a great idea about the baskets. they turned out great.
    and the dress is so sweet. did you knit the top part and then attach the bottom fabric?

  2. 'turned out a little like a train wreck' thank you for making me laugh out loud this morning. The baskets are such a great idea for easter and really, forgive yourself, they were very well done.