Monday, February 20, 2012

Counting Down

I am finding new ways to count down to the big change that is coming in our lives this April.
This weekend I sang the first two of 8 performances that are on my schedule through March 18th.
They both went quite well.
Caritas sang for a mass at the Basilica of Saint Mary in Minneapolis on Saturday night, and it was truly a joy to perform in that room. The architect must have been an acoustical genius.
Our 9-voice group filled the entire sanctuary, even singing pianissimo, it was really exhilarating.
Yesterday's concert was a benefit for a local women's shelter, and even though we didn't have a huge audience, they were warm and generous.
The first concert of the year can be a little daunting but it really helped to have a warm-up the night before, and  all in all we had a successful day.

My singing friends are starting to get nervous that the baby won't want to wait until her due date and they'll have to go on a man down for our last couple of concerts, but I have decided that I am giving up going into labor for Lent.
Lent is another easy way to count down until the big day, since I am due on Easter.
What better way to celebrate the coming of spring and budding life outside than with a little budding life inside the house?

Lastly, I have a list of projects to finish up for the baby: paint the walls in the baby area, get a crib mattress, finish up the rug, maybe a little more knitting for coming home from the hospital hat/booties...
Checking off these to-dos will be very satisfying, as well as a concrete way to count down to getting the house and all of us ready to welcome our new arrival.

I'll have another post later, once I get some photos of the knitting that I was able to finish up this weekend. I may have gone a little over the edge with the cuteness of the baby sweater, but I'll let you be the judge.

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