Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like...


We have been enjoying a very balmy winter thus far, and so any substantial snowfall is a bit of an oddity.
These two slug-a-beds even got up early and had a pre-busride snowball fight.

As for me, I spent the morning finishing up a project that brings a little more color into the house, just as we're blanketed in white outside.
This is my completed rag-rug. It was a very quick and satisfying project, except for the cutting the strips part, which was boring.
The crochet-ing was quick, and the rug worked up in no time.
I ripped almost the whole thing last Thursday.
The original plan was to have 3 rows of each color, but I was left with enough extra that it seemed wasteful not to go back and make each strip a little wider.
I am pretty happy with the results.
After we paint the baby's nook white, this rainbow rug will bring in some color, as well as a cozy place for bare feet while changing diapers.

You should pop over to the Rag-Rug-Along flickr page and check out the other offerings. I could see myself making lots more of these, such fun!


  1. the rag rug is so bright & cheerful :)

  2. the rug looks great jess. mine is still in t-shirt form...and so it goes...

    pretty day today, wasn't it!

  3. Oh goodness, I am very much in love with that rainbow rug! Fantastic!