Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Just a glimpse

I got to have a glimpse at wee Threetus today.
She's doing quite well and it looks like I have another very large baby on my hands.
She's already about 5 pounds and 11 ounces and I still have 8 more weeks until the due date.

In other family news, the Elder had her first violin recital yesterday, and it was a roaring success.
 The Younger took these during the recital, I liked the motion in this one.
Tonight I can look forward to a quiet night in, finishing up a sleeve and catching up on Game of Thrones.
The new season starts in April! Just in time for long sleepless nights :)


  1. that's fabulous that your daughter is so young & taking violin lessons, I grew up playing, but didn't start until 4th grade... you know what they say, though, the younger the better...

  2. Always exciting to catch a glimpse of the wee one. We're headed in on Tuesday for an ultrasound, too. We'll see what they say, but I think I have a big baby coming as well!