Saturday, April 19, 2008

Distraction on a Saturday

So, for the last hour and a half or so, I have been playing on Ravelry.
I am supposed to be vacuuming the living room.

I told the Hubby if he took the kids to the gym with him I would clean the living room.

Instead, I have been taking pictures of sweaters and WIPs and looking up patterns and filling up my queue and now I am thinking about going through my stash and listing that as well.

Krista and Theresa! when B asks why the house is such a mess, I will tell him to blame you.

O.K. seriously, how much fun is Ravelry?!?!

I think I am hooked, if you'll excuse the pun.

So, in that vein, I will update on the much-neglected Jess Sweater.

The back and both fronts are finished.

I have one sleeve started, but I left the book at the Elder Hug-a-Bug's dance lesson on Monday, so I have stalled out on that for now.

I was at the Yarn Store last week and saw a note from a co-worker saying that there was yarn on the back porch for a ridiculously low price if anyone wanted it.

I know, I said that I would work through my stash, and I have all of those WIPs, but it was so! cheap.

Also, since I am painting my craft room, everything is put away right now.

So, since I couldn't work on the Jess, I started Eris on Wednesday.

It is a totally cool pattern, and probably the longest one I have ever seen.

The pattern is a downloadable pdf and it is 40 pages long.

That Girl From Auntie is a detail-oriented lady.

To be fair, there are instructions for a pull-over and a cardigan included, so I didn't need pages 3-11.

O.K, I am going to go vacuum the living room now,

Have a relaxing Saturday!



  1. Muahaha, in the immortal words of Laura (and Queen?) - another one bites the dust. Though she was referring to Krista and knitting. :) We won't discuss what hasn't gotten done around my house because of Ravelry...

    Eris looks really cool. I like that color, too.

  2. _I_ just barely learned how to knit last week! How could this be MY fault?? :)