Tuesday, April 22, 2008


This was a good weekend for knitting.

The Sacred Voice had a mini-tour this weekend and we did a concert in Staples Minnesota.

One of our tenors is from Staples, and we sang a concert at his parents' church.

They were so welcoming, and even had us all over to dinner.

We also had a good singing night, so that was a bonus.

The trip up there is about 2 hours, so that adds up to 4 hours of knitting time, if you were keeping score.

Then on Sunday, I was able to get in a little more knitting while I taught 2 classes at the Yarn Store.

Here is the Eris as it stands now-

I am pretty excited about the next 26 rows or so, because with the exception of the facings, it is all stockinette and I can do it without thinking.

I have also finished! painting the craft space, and all that remains is for me to access my inner interior designer and figure out where to put all of my furniture.

I hope that Spring is as glorious for all of you as it is here in Saint Paul!


  1. So what color did you end up painting? Or do we have to wait until photos of the finished space are posted?

  2. It was fun! Yes - the A's are so welcoming. I wish I could have heard more of the concert - maybe next time?!

    Have a great day!

  3. i look forward to seeing eris, the neckline looks so wide to me in the pattern. and the craft room looks great!!