Sunday, October 5, 2008

C is for Cat

I was going to cheat and buy a present for the neighbor girl whose birthday party was this afternoon.
I was going to cheat, until the Elder Hug-a-Bug said, "Let's make her a soft kitten to hug"
Well, luckily for us both, I got this great book at one of my favorite haunts, Sixth Chamber Books.

There is an animal pattern for each letter of the alphabet.
A for armadillo
B for bear
C for cat
D for dog
You get the idea, but beyond the usual suspects, there is also X for Xiphosura which is the scientific name for a horseshoe crab, and V for vole.
I am very tempted to make everything in this book.

The cat came together pretty easily.

I cut out the pieces last night and did the assembly this morning.

I had to adjust the shape of the head a little in the back, it was kinda poofy, but the rest was really well designed.

As with every birthday present that I have made in the last year, the Elder Hug-a-Bug insisted that she lead the way with the stuffing, and she loves to sew that last seam.

I am pretty happy with it, I did have a lot of trouble with the face, but I always do.

The best part is that I get to make the toy, but then it clutters up someone else's house.

I wish you all happy sweater-wearing,

It is officially fall 'round here,



  1. i love the cat! sewing is not in my repertoire so it's fun to admire the great things other people make.

  2. Your cat is adorable, but tonight your banner photo from the fifth lamp made my jaw drop. The light, the boat - it's all amazing.

  3. The cat turned out lovely! I'm rather scared of sewing stuffed animals...but that doesn't mean I won't try one of these days!