Sunday, October 12, 2008

One Yard Wonders!

I received the nicest news the other day.

There it was in my email inbox:

Congrats from One Yard Wonders!
One Yard Wonders is a book being put together by two of the women at Crafty Planet in Minneapolis and published by the same company as One Skein Wonders.
They asked for submissions in August, I submitted my pattern for this Rocket toy and they accepted!

I did a big silly dance of joy in front of my computer.

Now the pressure is on, because I need to assemble my final packet including clear instructions and a model using the fabric that they have chosen for me to use.

I have until November 15th.

At least I can drive it over to Crafty Planet, so I don't have to figure in shipping time.

They asked if I could modify the pattern slightly to use up about a yard of fabric, so I am making a couple of mock-ups first.

I am having such a good time planning and picking out fabrics.
All the pink stuff here came from my stash,
and I got this remnant for $3.50 at Treadle, plus 3 felt squares and an eighth of a yard of trim, this one cost about $7.00.

It's really late at night, so I am going to try to go back to sleep.

Have a great Sunday, if you're in the Twin Cities, the Mason-Dixon Knitters are going to be at the William Mitchell College of Law Auditorium at 1:00 and there are free tickets still available at the Yarnery.

Should be a hoot!



  1. That's awesome Jess! Congratulations!!!

    E loves her rocket ship. It keeps having to crash into her (or she crashes it into daddy:) )

  2. I like your rocket!
    I'm just now stressing about finishing the instructions for my submission to One Yard Wonders, so I'm going around reading about other people worrying about their projects instead of going to sleep... hmm.