Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Gardening Excitement

There has been a lot of activity in the yard the last few days.

It had come to my attention a couple of weeks ago that we should cut down our pussy willow tree.

There were four or five frost cracks, and the experts at the MN Landscape Arboretum told me that we should take the tree out before it falls on something or someone.

So, in preparation, I had to move a bunch of stuff out of the way.

On Friday, I moved two clematis vines, 6 snapdragons and a begonia.

I also bought two new lilac bushes, pictures to follow, the battery is recharging...

Saturday, we started chopping down our tree.
Chopping with an axe is sloooowww.

I think, beyond our inexperience, our main problem was that our axe was too dull.

So, after about 45 minutes of chopping, we decided on the Sawzall, not the best choice.

Finally, after my across the alley neighbor offered us the use of his chainsaw, we cut it down.

Now, there is a huge bare spot in the yard.

This is the before,

and here is the after with the stump
Well, I just needed a picture of something growing and vibrant, so here is my new salvia in the back garden. I managed to get one with a bee in flight.

We, the Hug-a-Bugs and myself, built a new fairy house this morning.

I dug all of these rocks up when I put in our new lilac bushes.

Chimneys courtesy of the younger Hug-a-Bug.

Note that in the first photo the oven is closed, and in the second the oven door is open. That was all the Elder Hug-a-Bug.

Get out there and garden!



  1. Nice fairy house. We do have tools you can borrow, BTW.

  2. I love the little fairy house! And yeah, I know all about "Gardening Excitement." When we moved into our house we had to take down a whole mess of trees...and there's still some that need to go! All in due time, I guess....