Sunday, August 31, 2008

Painting Complete!

I am ever so pleased with the results of the hard work of my good friends the Mamas of the Craft!

The whole living room took about 2 hours and that is including painting the radiators.

My difficult decision now is where to hang up our art.

Should it be in the same places as before, where I have filled the holes left by nails?

Will I have to be creative about picture placement and find a new arrangement?

Time will tell.

On another note, I have finished phase I of the Pre-K backpack.

All that remains is the lining, and I still have a week since Pre-K starts on the 8th!
Finally, we have reached a strange time in our lives.
We have finished out our Netflix Queue.
Does anyone have any suggestions of good movies to rent?
I hope everyone elses long weekend is as productive and relaxing as mine has been,


    The paint job looks beautiful- what lovely, airy color! As for the Netflix, I have been working my way through "Weeds" and getting current on "Mad Men."

  2. Don't you just lovely freshly painted walls?? They look great - and so does the backpack! As for Netflix, my son has most of his must-sees in there. Once in a while I sneak in and bump hubby's and mine up to the top.(!) Right now we're all about Mad Men. Sooo good!

  3. Jess, what lovely walls you now have! I can't tell from the pix, but do you have a picture rail up in your molding? It's not hard to add, and it would aleviate marring your hard work; it's also really nice when you get the urge to shuffle things around.

    As far as your Netflix queue, I loved Helen Mirren in The Queen. Primary Colors (John Travolta, Emma Thompson, Kathy Bates) is one I pull out when feeling a bit politico.

    Have the hug-a-bugs ridden the double decker buses yet? Quite fun (and in the rain, would really feel like London!).


  4. I love the yellow walls. Your house looks so old and pretty. I love the dark wood with the bright yellow. And that backpack is brilliant! Is it made from pink suede? What a lucky little girl! As for the Netflix, we loved Elizabeth Gaskill's North, South and Dickens Bleak House. Happy movie watching!

  5. E is loving the muppet show. If you don't have that already, it's a good option for netflix.

  6. I'm so jealous of that back pack! We just went and bought the cheesy product placements ones. They're so dumb.

    Your living room is so gorgeous!!! I like the new spot for the piano - did you totally rearrange?

    You finished your netflix queue? I am baffled. Definitely try Mad Men (we loved it) and we're devoted to "The Wire".

    See you soon!