Monday, August 18, 2008

Play on!

As some of you know, I am a musician and music lover.
As you may not know, I played french horn in orchestra from senior year of High School through College.

Another fun insight into my past is that I, along with the rest of my family, have always loved watching the DCI Finals on public tv.

We would wait all year for the big event, we'd all sit down and act as judges in our family room.
It seems like the last few years they haven't shown it on TPT, but I may have just missed it.

Well, I will tell you that nothing is like the real thing, and last night I attended Sounds of Minnesota Drum and Bugle Corps show.

There were 5 Corps and some were pretty good, but there were 2 that stood out from the rest.

The first is the Kilties from Racine, WI, who along with playing a fantastic program of Renaissance! music arranged for Drum Corps, they all marched in Kilts.

The second group, and the group that won the competition, and the group that has as a member my little sister, is Minnesota Brass.

Great music, good company and concession stand hot dogs; I couldn't ask for a nicer evening out.

Thanks Mom and Dad!

Great job Donna!

Have a lovely Monday everyone!


p.s. Incaknits, did you recognize Historic Ettinger Field?

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  1. Indeed, I have spent many a day at that field... or under the bleachers anyway! Haha.