Thursday, August 21, 2008

too busy to blog?

I have been so busy, I have not even had time to report on what is going on craft-wise 'round here.

I am, surprise surprise, in the midst of many projects.

I have been working day and night.

Well, not that hard.

I do have multiple sewing and knitting projects that I can place in the active column.

First, I am working on Eastlake from the new Norah Gaughan book Woodland Gothic.

This is a picture of the back.

In a reaction against the licensed character and princess backpacks that abound at the Target, I have decided to make the Elder Hug-a-Bug a school bag, she won't let me say backpack for some reason.

Here is a picture of the front and back.

The main fabric is corduroy, and the lining is a fantastic Kokka print with pigs, apples and birds that I scored in the remnant bin at Treadle.

This disaster area is my sewing table, I know, you can hardly see it beneath all of the, let's just say it, Crap.

There are at least 3 pieces of clothing needing mending, the Beatrix Potter quilt that has yet to be quilted because I used too lofty a batting and I need to take it apart, again, the yarn for many small projects, and the backpack stuff.

I am also working on a secret project that is delicate enough that I can't work on it while the Hug-a-Bugs are awake, for fear of their globby hands and feet.

With all of that on the docket, what else could I do tonight, but bake chocolate chip cookies.

I even had plenty of dough to freeze for future cookie jonesing.

Don't get too bogged down out there,



  1. I've always hated the character back-packs too. It's a great idea to make one. I wonder if my 10-year old boy would stand for it...

  2. Very wise of you to bake some cookies...a great remedy for crafty-overload! I've got my head wrapped up in lots of things, too. The things I could get done if I just had 24 hours to myself and lotsa caffeine!