Thursday, September 18, 2008


As we have been taking our walks home from school every day, the Elder Hug-a-Bug has noticed that there is a lot of litter.

"There is a lot of garbage on our Mother!"
"Some people don't realize that there are trash cans!"

She has been reminding me to bring a trash bag to help clean up while we walk.

This is what we picked up in 10 blocks.


Most of it is food wrappers and bottles.

We picked up a beer bottle from outside the front door of the school, classy...

She is learning about being a good citizen of the Earth, but I wish that our neighbors would work towards that as well.

I do my best not to blog cranky, so that is the end of today's rant.

I am going to go wash my hands again,


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  1. Good for you for cleaning up, Jess. I should do that too!