Monday, September 15, 2008


I spent the whole of yesterday in bed with a distressing condition and as a result, I spent over 24 hours without a knitting needle in sight.

I did do some reading and was finally able to finish Sense and Sensibility.

I may have to stop reading Austen, however, as I am constantly reminded of the defects in my character while I am reading.

I always see myself in the lesser and more cautionary characters.

I certainly do not have a divine figure, I love to gossip, I am not blessed with the greatest tact and I might be accused of occasionally overindulging my children in bad behavior.

Somehow, I was able to secure a husband, but at the time of our betrothal he had not ten thousand a year.
I am feeling much better today, and am about to embark upon a delightful walk through the lanes and past the houses of my neighbors.
I do wish every felicity to you all,


  1. Don't forget to write all those letters!

  2. Sounds like a fun day in bed. A good book is something I have not had for a while.

  3. I try not to compare myself to those characters too much either. But I always remember that they do love each other despite other factors.