Tuesday, September 30, 2008


We were watching Princess Bride just now, and my son tells me:"This is the story 'bout Cinderella don't gets eaten by fish"

update: the Elder Hug-a-Bug:
"This has the Hamsters of Unpleasant Size"

That has nothing to do with anything. I just had to record it somewhere.

Thanks for the concern about My Hubby.
He is doing great.
The overnight stay at the hospital was just for observation and he passed all of his tests with flying colors.

I finished my big secret project yesterday and as a result, I was able to spend some time cleaning out my crafty area during my 45 minutes of solitude between dropping kids off at school and picking them up.
I managed to mend 4 pieces of clothing that have been hanging out on my table for weeks and weeks.

I was also able to locate my floor.
That sounds impossible, I know, but I actually can see the hardwood that had been beneath all of the fabric scraps and self-healing mats.

I have a birthday present to make for a party this sunday, I haven't decided whether to make an Olive or one of these.
I have another 45 minutes on Thursday to look forward to, so I guess I don't have to rush it right now.

We're off to the park!
Have a great Tuesday,

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