Saturday, September 6, 2008

I Promise

This is the last post about my living room.

I think I'll start off with a little crafty stuff.
First, the Mamas of the Craft did a project with Flour-Paste Batik that we started about a month ago and finally moved forward with last night.
It worked so well!

I am totally excited about the prospect of this new creative outlet.

If you don't feel like clicking over to the link, what we did was mix up some paste with flour, water and a little alum, then, using a cake decorating bag and tip, I piped the paste onto a piece of fabric (I used an old sheet) that had been secured with tacks to an old window frame.

Then you let the flour dry and spray dye on the piece.

After that is dry you pick off the flour and you're left with the relief of your design.

All that remains with this piece is to heat-set with my iron.

I don't know what I will do with this, probably make a pillow.

Now I have these ideas about tracing pattern pieces on to a plain piece of broadcloth or muslin and batiking the hems and collars.

I am pretty excited!

The Elder Hug-a-Bug is going to school on Monday, and I spent the summer under the illusion that since she is going to attend a school where the kids wear uniforms that she would also wear them.


Apparently only the 4-year-olds do NOT wear uniforms.

Well, I can tell you, I was pretty irritated at the idea that I could have spent the summer making up a new school wardrobe for my girl.

My mom pitched in and made up a couple of jumpers for her, in record time I might add, and as I have 3 uninterrupted hours this afternoon due to the Hug-a-Bugs spending the night with their other grandparents, I plan on throwing something else together for her first day.

I had a request from my Auntie J to see a 360 view of the new lay-out of my beautiful living room, how I love it.

I went through and did a cursury pick-up and tidy before my photo shoot, but I had to have some reality at the end here-
Imagination Movers and trail mix all over the couch. lovely.

Sorry these pictures are so grainy.

I had to send my beloved Nikon to the camera doctor. It suffered a mishap.

So, for a few weeks at least, it's back to the trusty old Canon PowerShot.

So ends the Living Room worship.

See you soon with September from the Fifth Lamp,


  1. LOVE the living room! I can't wait till my next trip up to MN so I can see it in person! Did I spy a glimpse of yellow in the kitchen? :)

  2. Your living room totally rocks! It's beautiful! Thanks for sharing those photos...

  3. Your living room looks great! I would want hang out in that space. =)

  4. P.S. "anonymous" is me, Steph =)