Saturday, August 17, 2013

Saturday Morning

It's a glorious day outside today, and we have been making the most of it.

 A couple of weeks ago I broke the grill (as I have previously stated, I was attempting to clean it when everything went horribly awry) and today The Hubby went out and got us a new one. Hot dogs tonight!
 The Elder has been displaying her vast skills at assembly all morning, which means that I have been spending a lot of time with this sweet lady so she doesn't feel the need to help.

The Hubby and I just got new phones too, and I took these shots to try out the new camera.

 New strawberries in August? It's a strange new world.
 Our first (and only) jalepeno.

Tiny pumpkins, which I planted across the yard but must have been 'planted' here by a friendly squirrel or bird.

 Chamomile in bloom. The Elder can't wait to have a tea party.

Anything fun happening for you all out there?

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